3 cool new TV shows to watch over the weekend🎥

Happy Friday traders! Have you planned something fun for the weekend already? If you haven’t, here are our suggestions 😉

  1. Years and Years (2019)
    This is the story of one British family that starts in 2019 and goes on for 15 years. The show has a great “what if” type of plot. What if a nationalist politician gets the power in the UK? What if Trump launches a nuclear strike against China? Finally, what if all these global political changes that most people believe are only real on TV start to have real impact on each and every life? Trust us, this show will blow your mind.
  2. Dirty Money (2018)
    It’s a Netflix original series which tells stories of corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting. It has 2 remarkable features. First – there are just 6 episodes, so you can literally watch it over the weekend. Second – it’s a documentary show that covers 6 real-life stories. The last episode is about Trump by the way.
  3. The Dave Ramsey Show (YouTube)
    Financial guru Dave Ramsey first entered the American media scene in 1992 with a call-in radio show where listeners called to ask him about their financial problems. Later, the show moved on the TV, and now the legendary financial advisor airs on YouTube. He talks about all-things-money, so you will definitely find a few episodes that will interest you.

Remember: binge-watching is not bad if it’s about work 

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